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Apply for a UK Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa

The Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa can help you start or join a business in the UK. While it allows holders to take advantage of the UK’s business-friendly environment, it does have significant financial and regulatory requirements.

You must meet either of following criteria to apply for an Entrepreneur visa:

  1. You have access to at least £50,000 in investment funds, which are:
    • Held in one or more regulated financial institutions
    • Free to spend (“disposable”) on business in the UK
  2. You have access to £200,000 investment funds and can prove that the money is either:
    • Your own
    • Made available to you by a third party, for example, husband, wife, partner or investor
    • Held in a joint account with your spouse or partner, but only if they aren’t applying for the same visa

In addition to having access to investment funds, you must be at least 16 years old, capable of supporting yourself during your stay in the UK and meet the English language requirements.

This visa falls under UKVI’s points-based applications; you must score at least 95 points on their calculator to be eligible.

Successful applicants are able to bring a partner, children under 18 or children over the age of 18 if they are already in the UK as dependants.

All successful applicants and associated dependants must pay a “health surcharge” to access the National Health Service (NHS). This is currently £200 for all applicants except students, who pay £150 per year.

Length of stay on a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa

You can stay in the UK for a maximum of three years and four months on this visa. If the relevant requirements are met, it can be extended for a further two years. If you currently hold another visa type and intend to switch to this visa, you are able to extend it for three years.

Once you have legally lived in the UK for five years, you are able to apply for permanent settlement, also known as indefinite leave to remain (ILR).

Invest in the UK and gain residency for you and your family

We have been helping people with visa and nationality applications for over 20 years. Our experienced team understands the complex immigration and financial regulations that need to be met in order to qualify for this visa.  

Our service ensures that your application has the greatest chance of success, letting you focus on the more important aspects of building a business in the UK.

If you are interested in applying for a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa, please get in touch with us at or call +44 (0) 20 7759 7527.

We have some exciting news
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1st Contact Visas is rebranding to Sable International!

For the last 18 months we've been slowly merging with our big brother, Sable International. Over the next year we're going to complete that merger. This will in no way affect your visa, ILR, citizenship, passport or work permit applications.

Your caseworker will not be going anywhere as the entire 1st Contact team will be in the same roles at Sable International. You'll still get that great 1st Contact Visas service, just under a new name.

We'll be keeping you in the loop as we prepare for the next exciting phase in this rebranding.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly.

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