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About us

1st Contact helps international citizens pursue their lives, careers and travel aspirations in the UK. If you’re moving to the UK, we can help you get your visa, open a bank account, find a job, sort out those finances - and everything else in-between. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading to Camden for a working stint or setting up a small business in Bromley, our goal is to make your life easier as an expat in the UK.

20 years of helping international citizens

Reg Bamford founded 1st Contact in 1995 to help the many Antipodeans and South Africans moving to the UK with their tax and accounting needs. 

What began as as a small set-up in the Arches at Embankment soon grew into a thriving business in Piccadilly and Bow Lane with services covering contracting, tax returns, immigration, forex, shipping and travel (amongst others).

1st Contact has expanded into a multi-national operation with offices in London, Melbourne and Cape Town. We take pride in providing exceptional service, with over 60% of all our new business being word-of-mouth referrals from existing clients.

Today, we have over 250 professional staff members and have helped over 1 million clients across six distinct products.

A snapshot of our services

Our services are carefully constructed around the different stages of living in the UK: Getting you there, establishing a successful life for yourself, and, if the time comes, helping you move back home.

1stContact Accounting

1st Contact Accounting is where it all started for 1st Contact; the business that made us the first port of call for independent contractors in the UK. We offer affordable support tailored to your unique circumstances, allowing you to concentrate on your business while we take care of the admin.

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1st Contact Forex

1st Contact Forex helps you move your money wherever it needs to go. We offer a speedy, secure and cost-effective money transfer service with competitive exchange rates. Our commitment to quality service ensures that you have constant access to expert consultants, either by telephone or email.

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1st Contact Kickstart

1st Contact Kickstart is the first point of call for thousands of newly-arrived international citizens - the tried-and-tested, all-in-one pack that’ll kickstart your UK adventure.

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1st Contact Shipping

When you’re moving back home, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is who to trust with shipping your possessions abroad. 1st Contact Shipping specialises in shipping excess baggage, providing a personal service that’s tailored to your exact shipping needs. 

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1st Contact Tax Refunds

Take the hassle out of tax rebates with a professional, efficient, value-for-money service that ensures you claim the maximum amount of tax available. The average tax rebate we claim back for our clients is £1,250. If you’ve worked in the UK at any time in the last four years, there could be money waiting for you too.

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1st Contact Visas

1st Contact Visas provides specialist immigration advice and services. Our consultants have a comprehensive understanding of UK and Australian immigration laws and will ensure that you have the greatest chance of a successful visa application.

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We have some exciting news
for all our 1st Contact clients...

1st Contact is rebranding to Sable International!

For the last 18 months we've been merging with our big brother, Sable International. By the end of the year, we're going to complete the rebrand.

The accountants, brokers, advisors and caseworkers that you are used to dealing with will not be going anywhere as the entire 1st Contact team will be in the same roles at Sable International. You'll still get that same great service, just under a new name.

We'll be keeping you in the loop as we prepare for the next exciting phase in this rebranding.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

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