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Get your NI number with Easy NINO

Our Easy NINO service makes the process of applying for your National Insurance number simple. We take care of the admin and application so you can get to work.


Get your NI number

You can purchase Easy NINO individually or discounted with our Classic Kickstart Package.



What is a National Insurance number?

A National Insurance (NI) number is used by the government to track your taxes and National Insurance contributions. Everyone who wants to work in the UK needs one. You must be in the UK before the government will issue you a number.

If you don’t have an NI number you will pay emergency tax rates, which are higher than normal tax rates. Applying for an NI number is a time-consuming process involving long, expensive phone calls and a fair amount of waiting. With our Easy NINO service, we do all the hard work for you, providing assistance throughout the process.

For a small fee, we remove all the hassle, make the calls and help you with the paperwork, ensuring you have your NI number within six to eight weeks.

How Easy NINO helps you

  • Simply complete our easy online application form
  • We'll call the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for you, register your application and arrange for the signature form to be posted
  • You sign the form and send it back
  • We check it to make sure everything is correct
  • If you require any supporting documents to prove your employment, we can supply them

Please note: Anyone applying for a NI number who holds a passport from a country within the EEA (this includes UK passports), will have to attend a meeting with the DWP. This is a rule created by the UK government, but we will help you by booking the meeting for you. Those who hold a UK visa that was issued outside the UK will not have to attend a meeting.

Want to know more about Easy NINO?

Read our NI number FAQ



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