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The quickest way to send money abroad: Using your UK debit card

Our unique online payment portal lets you quickly and easily transfer money online using your UK debit card. 

Transfer money at fantastic rates

Transferring money with your UK debit card is by far the quickest and easiest way to send money online. Best of all, you’ll be able to secure the exact rate rate seen at the time of your transfer.

As soon as you submit your transfer, your money is moved from your account into ours. We receive your funds immediately, which means we’re able to secure the quoted exchange rate immediately too.

How it works

  • You select the debit card payment option and charge your card when you submit your transfer instruction
  • We receive your funds and immediately secure your quoted rate
  • You receive a confirmation email once your transfer has been processed*

*Debit card money transfers uploaded before 12:00 GMT (on working days only) will be processed the very same day and the relevant funds will clear in recipient account within one to three working days.

Using your UK debit card really is the most hassle-free way to transfer your money online.

Security you can rely on

All online debit card payments are supported and protected by Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code. Read more about this security feature.

The fine print

The exchange rate displayed when you submit your transfer will be secured, subject to the following "fine print":

  • Your account is active.
  • Your UK debit card is valid and in your name.
  • When the transfer is uploaded outside of office hours*, 1st Contact reserves the right to amend rates at their discretion; in line with the market movements. This is only done under extreme circumstances.
  • When transferring an amount of £10,000 (or foreign currency equivalent) or more in a single currency transaction, or £30,000 (or foreign currency equivalent) in a number of transactions over a 12 month rolling period, 1st Contact Forex requires proof of “source of funds”, as prescribed by HMRC’s Money Laundering Regulations. In these cases, 1st Contact can only secure you an exchange rate when we receive your documentation. Click here to find out about the advantages of sending larger amounts and the relevant documents required.

*08:00 – 17:00 [GMT], Monday to Friday - excluding bank holidays

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