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Splurge with your HMRC tax refund

by Kobus Van den Bergh | Oct 16, 2015
  • With one in every three people working in the UK due a tax refund, it’s easy to get excited about some of your hard-earned cash making its way back to you. The average refund is £1,250 – and, while investing or saving might be the responsible thing to do, we’ve rounded up a few items that would definitely tempt us to let go of a few Pounds.
  • 90_Splurge-with-your-HMRC-tax-refund



    Turn your bathroom into the best room in your home with this 32” bathroom TV. Waterproof, with a mirror-finish, it’s sure to bring a little five-star luxury to your life.
    Cost: £1,250.00

    If you prefer watching a movie or catching the game in a more traditional setting, this Sony Bravia TV provides 123cm of Ultra HD LED viewing pleasure. Prepare to be the most popular person on match day.
    Cost: £1,250.00



    When it comes to portable gadgetry, it doesn’t get better than the MacBook Air. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, this slim-line laptop is perfect for people on the go.
    Cost: 13-inch from £999.00

    A budding photographer? The Canon EOS 760D is a solid investment that will see you snapping away for years to come. With a standard 18-135mm lens included, you’ll have some change left to spend on a travel bag or an extra memory card.
    Cost: £907.00



    We could argue that the next two pieces are investments. If you’ve always wanted that Louis Vuittonmonogram on your arm, this is your opportunity. The Alma PM and Adele Wallet could both be yours – with change to spare.
    Cost: Alma PM from £850.00, Adele Wallet from £315.00

    What better way to spend your UK tax refund than on a piece of British iconography? Founded in 1856, Burberry sets the benchmark for both men’s and women’s coats – seeing you through winter in style, no matter where you are.
    Cost: from £1,095.00


    Whisky, wine and more

    Founded in 1887, Glenfiddich is perhaps the most famous of all of Scotland’s single malts. This rare bottle of 1992 Single Cask whisky will set you back £1,200.00 – but showing it off on your drinks trolley? Priceless.
    Cost: £1,200.00

    If you’re more grapethan grain, you might be tempted by this case of 1984 Siran, a red Bordeaux blend. Set in the Margaux region of Bordeaux, the estate’s history dates back to 1428, making it one of the oldest in the area.
    Cost: From £1,206.00 per case of six

    You can, quite literally, watch your refund go up in smoke and these Partagas Lusitanias Cigars would be a good way to do it. Described as “a true emperor of Havanas” this is a purchase for the true aficionados.
    Cost: £1,066.99 for a cabinet of 50


    Local art

    Put your UK tax refund to good use by starting your art collection. There is an abundance of artistic talent in the UK, including this piece by Andy Watt and this piece by Gillian Luff.
    Cost: Featured pieces from £1,195.00


    Jewellery and watches

    A watch is a classic investment piece – often passed down for generations. This piece from Mont Blanc will continue to be a men’s favourite for decades, as will this Raymond Weil piece for ladies. You’ll be itching for people to ask you for the time.
    Cost: Featured pieces from £1,195.00

    While they make a memorable gift, there’s something special about buying your own diamonds. Whether you’re starting your collection or simply spoiling yourself, these diamond and sapphire earrings and Chloe diamond pendant are truly a girl’s best friend.
    Cost: £1,069.00 per piece

    We've helped over 200,000 people with successful tax claims. Visit our website and use our Tax Rebate Calculator to find out if you’re due a tax refund. You could be shopping up a storm soon.

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