Passing on Nationality to Your Offspring

What are the rights of British Citizens when it comes to passing on British Nationality to their children?

If you’re a naturalised UK Citizen planning to return to your country of birth, have you thought about the implications for your planned children?

  • If you have children after naturalisation while in the UK, will they be considered British?
  • What if you’ve left the UK after your naturalisation and had children back in your country of origin?

There are numerous ways that people can become British Citizens and this legislation is controlled mainly by the British Nationality Act 1981. Whether or not you are able to pass your Citizenship to a further generation will depend on which section of the law conferred British Citizenship to you.

Before making a big decision to head back home, make sure your future children are guaranteed British passports. If you are British by any way other than Descent (by birth or Naturalisation in the UK), then it is probable that your children would become British.

Under certain circumstances children born to you when you are back in your country of birth may be able to claim British Citizenship.

If you are considering leaving the UK to go back to your home country, let 1st Contact Visas do an assessment of your nationality status and the future rights of your unborn children. A professional and knowledgeable consultant will advise you and assist with any applications, should you wish to apply for children that were born outside of the UK.

Visit or call 0808 141 1664 (in the UK) 0800 003 163 (in South Africa) and 1800 039 300 (in Australia).

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  • angela armitage

    Hi i was born in n.z new zealand to a british mother im living in n.z and i want to come back to live in u.k can i get a u.k passport for me and my daughter who was born in n.z