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Here’s what our customers are saying about us

Nothing puts a bigger smile on our face than positive customer feedback - especially when it’s from a rock star bunch like 1st Contacters.

It’s safe to say that we wouldn’t have many stories to tell if it weren’t for you guys.

Here you’ll find a snippet of what our recent customers have been saying. If you have a particular story or experience to share, we’d love to hear it too.

1st Contact Accounting

“Everything has been excellent thus far. Thanks! :o)”

- Celz,

“You're great. Thanks for doing my accounts so that I can concentrate on my work.”

- Jack

“I'm pleased with the service and my specific account assistant and account are helpful.”

- Rathod                 

1st Contact Forex

"Fast, easy, reliable and good value service. The end-to-end experience is excellent. Setting up my account and including my payment methods was easy. Adding my destination account was also seamless. Transferring funds holds a £7 fee which is very reasonable. Also, every fifth transaction is free. The exchange rates offered are excellent, and even better if you transfer high volume. I am kept up to date on the progress of my transfer through email and SMS which is handy. When any hitches arise (e.g. card payment declined), customer care are quick to contact you and were very helpful in rectifying the problem. All in all, I'm a happy customer and highly recommend 1st Contact Forex!"

- Mark Conway

"Hi Herman, I am continually surprised at what a pleasure it is to do business with you. Your customer service is the best I have ever experienced. Thank you."

- Mary Smith, United Kingdom

"I just want to say how impressed I was with a very pleasant phone call from Courtneigh on Friday when I was having such a hassle. 1st Contact got on the phone to me as it was me who made the initial mistake and they sorted out the card to enable me to go ahead and do the transfer today. They now know to expect transfers through you in the future so that solves a lot of hassles. Again you guys have done a grand job and have recommended so many folk to you to do transfers so I hope they have taken my advice!!!"

-  Caroline Bawden, South Africa

"Dear 1st Contact Forex, Thank you so much, the transfer was a success and is already in my NZ account!!! A big special thanks to Courtneigh for all your patience and help! What an amazing service, I am a very happy customer and will definitely use you again, as well as recommend you to all my friends! Thank you so much!!!"

- Kirsten Clay, United Kingdom

"Hi 1st Contact Forex, “Thank you so much, I really appreciate it, thank you for everything you guys do for our families on a monthly basis, we love you guys."

- Michael Matysik, United Kingdom

"Thanks a million trillion for all your help, you guys are the best! :-)"

Megan Verkuil, South Africa 

1st Contact Visas

"Give a raise to Phillip Rawes! He's the best."

- Margaret Steyn, Carer, London

"I tried to apply to the UK passport and immigration authorities for an Ancestry visa for my daughter. Whilst she met the criterion of having a grandparent born in the UK, her grandfather’s birth was never registered in UK. The authorities’ first impression was that as he had no birth certificate, there was nothing they could do (I am in possession of an affidavit from his mother that he was born in UK). On advice from others, I contacted 1st Contact Visas in Cape Town.

To cut a long story short, 1st Contact Visas examined the documents that we had and advised that, in their opinion, my daughter would get an Ancestry visa. The application that 1st Contact Visas completed was extremely professional and their check list was meticulous. They kept in contact throughout the procedure and were constantly monitoring progress. As they predicted, the five year Ancestry visa was granted five days after the application was submitted. I would highly recommend 1st Contact to anyone whose visa application is out of the ordinary."

"The whole experience was beyond my expectations. Our case was slightly different in that the required documentation was not all available. Leanne evaluated the case and from the word go she was positive that the Ancestry visa would be granted. The 1st Contact Visas application was extremely professional. I cannot think of any improvements you could make other than opening an office in Jhb. Thank you Leanne."

- Robin Stubbs, Johannesburg

"From my experience there was nothing that needed improvement. Kristy Goate and Phillip Rawes were excellent in our process and gave great advice and assistance throughout."

- Franco Cetinich, Businessman, London

"Gifty Aning was exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable and patient when it came to my case. She went the extra mile to make sure I was informed and managed my expectations very well. I can't say enough good things about Gifty. Gifty, our agent, has been truly amazing! So professional and helpful at all times. She really put our minds at ease to know that we are in very good hands during our “journey of application”. She handled our case with such utter professionalism and always timeously! She has been our 'angel' from day one. Gifty's effortless, prompt assistance and informative guidance along the way is truly appreciated. She is truly a GEM in your company. Well done to you and your team for fantastic service!!! I definitely will recommend you to anyone in the future that might need use of your service. Thank you so much!"

- Caroline, Beauty Therapist, London

"I dealt with Leanne Shrosbree and I found her to be exceptionally knowledgeable, helpful and extremely efficient. Thumbs up to her great service, she certainly is an asset."

- Linsey, Personal Assistant, Johannesburg

"Everyone that I've spoken to on the phone and in person have been so helpful and friendly!"

- Jill, Home Executive, Cape Town

"This is my second time dealing with 1st Contact regarding visas for the UK and I am still just as impressed with the quality of service. I can't find any fault or room for improvements so far."

Kate, Legal Compliance Officer, Durban

"With only one week to my youngest son’s wedding in UK, we needed a visa for his brother in SA With only four working days left our last resort was to Phone 1st Contact Visas (should have been my first resort) for help. 1st Contact Visas were so professional. Jason was so friendly & helpful which made it easy to believe it was going to happen. Once passed onto our caseworker Leanne, things moved swiftly and once again professionally. It felt like they were part of our family as they got involved with well wishes and instructions to complete the procedure… 1st Contact Visas made it possible for my son to be at his little brother’s wedding just in time. We had our four sons together for the first time in 19 years…an emotional and happy experience…Thank you 1st Contact Visas for your speedy response and help. You will always be my 1st Contact."

- Elaine Booth, Retiree, United Kingdom

1st Contact Tax Refunds

“Hi Michelle, thanks for this good news. I knew it this was going to happen. Service given by you was amazing. Once again thanks for your help.”

- Onkar

“Hi Michelle, thank you very much for your attention, I will definitely refer 1st Contact Tax Refunds to my friends in the future.”

- Richard

“Thank you Michelle, that is fantastic news! I have recommended 1st Contact Tax Refunds to my friends. You have provided an excellent service and have updated me on my claim throughout the whole process, making it very easy. Thank you very much!”

- Sarah

1st Contact Kickstart

"Your service was so efficient and fast I had no time to even think of how you might improve it. The service I personally received needs no improvement at all, I spoke to 3 of your staff members, Jason, Kristy (I hope I remembered her name correctly) and Amanda, all of them friendly, efficient and helpful. I wish I had found 1st Contact Kickstart sooner than I did and saved myself much stress. Amanda Patterson was so calm, professional and truly involved in our plight I felt quite relaxed once I had spoken to her. She was the answer to my prayers. Amazing service."

- Elizabeth Mundy, South Africa

"Overall everyone was really helpful - especially Tamara. I got my wires crossed about where my UK sim card was being sent, but got it sorted out eventually."

- Thomas Munro, Welder, Australia

"Keep doing what you are doing. Your service is excellent."

- Giuseppe Gardee, Infrastructure Architect, South Africa

"It has been fantastic service both over the phone in Australia to in the London office."

- Blair Robinson, Administrator, Australia

"Thanks Amanda. Just wanted to let you know that everything regarding my bank account was sorted out today. I also just want to mention that the service that you and the bank have provided me this far has been phenomenal! Really great service! Thank you. Kind regards."

- Joe

"Had a small mishap with the bank but I understand this is not your fault at all. Service was great. I got answers promptly and contacted back asap when I needed information. Thank you kindly."

- Stacey Carter, Fitness Instructor, Australia 

1st Contact Travel Clinic

"Have already mentioned to friends that service was surprisingly good. I thought it would be a glossy, money-making enterprise, but found it fair, reasonably priced, honest (no hidden costs) and staff were friendly, knowledgeable, sensible and efficient. Felt I was treated as a person, and absolutely no attempt made to sell me anything I didn't want or hadn't come for. (It would have been very easy to do this – to force lots of products on me - as I am a first-time traveller to Africa.) So I would recommend you highly (and have already done so)."

- Gillian

"Went in, no queue, got injections, left. Very professional, very knowledgeable, no hassle."

- James, Financial Services Associate 

1st Contact Shipping

“I have recently been a customer of 1st Contact Shipping where a suitcase was arranged on my behalf to be sent from London to Auckland. Unfortunately, the person arranging this on my behalf created a situation where I was lead to believe my suitcase had been sent when it had not been. When I spoke to someone myself, I was redirected to Ziggy who was in charge of my case. I was very distressed from the outset and Ziggy did an exceptional job of explaining the current situation and redirecting what was, at the time a disaster, to a progressive and completed process very quickly. Ziggy went above and beyond his role by proving reassurance and taking extra measures to diffuse my anxiety and put me at ease. I thank Ziggy for his efforts in recovering my desperate situation, and because of his methods I would gladly recommend 1st Contact Shipping to anyone.”

- Katie Simpson, Auckland

We'd love to hear about your customer experience with 1st Contact. Drop us a line on and we'll feature your story here. 

We have some exciting news
for all our 1st Contact clients...

1st Contact is rebranding to Sable International!

For the last 18 months we've been merging with our big brother, Sable International. By the end of the year, we're going to complete the rebrand.

The accountants, brokers, advisors and caseworkers that you are used to dealing with will not be going anywhere as the entire 1st Contact team will be in the same roles at Sable International. You'll still get that same great service, just under a new name.

We'll be keeping you in the loop as we prepare for the next exciting phase in this rebranding.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

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