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Obtaining necessary visa documents

We can help you obtain certified copies of birth, death and marriage certificates for your UK visa application. To do so, we require the following information for each certificate:

Birth certificate

Full name, date and place of birth of relevant parent and/or grandparent (maiden name also required in the event of mother or grandmother).

Death certificate

Full name and date of death of relevant parent and/or grandparent (maiden name required in the event of mother or grandmother).

Marriage certificate

Full name of both parents and date and place of marriage.

It is worth bearing in mind that UK Visas and Immigration do not accept photocopies or abridged birth certificates (i.e. those which do not give details of your parents, etc.). All submitted certificates should be full and original versions.

Timeframes for obtaining certificates will vary, but as a general guide we can obtain UK birth and marriage certificates within 10 days. Please also note that we can only obtain these certificates if you are a current 1st Contact Visas client.

Contact a consultant to recover your documents.

Call now to speak a consultant about how we can help you obtain birth, death and marriage certificates.

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