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Want to claim British nationality? Find out if you are eligible.

If you were born in a different country to that of your parents or grandparents, or you have a UK-born ancestor, then it is possible that you have a claim to British nationality. However, the issue for most clients is how to find out the information to determine this.

Many claims to British nationality are straightforward and are based on one of the following criteria:

  • You were born in the UK before 1 January 1983
  • One of your parents were born in the UK before 1 January 1983
  • You have a parent who was naturalised in the UK before your birth
  • You obtained naturalisation through residency in the UK

We conduct thorough British nationality research on your behalf

British nationality claims, besides those indicated above, have to be determined by referencing old nationality law as well as the Independence Day arrangements and Constitutions of the countries of your parents’ or grandparents’ birth and residence.

This requires:

  • The research of legal documents, some of which could date back as far as 1906
  • A written explanation in your application of how and why you qualify
  • Quoting necessary nationality law to substantiate your qualification to the Home Office

Philip Gamble & Partners are specialists in British nationality claims and offer a Status Trace service to those who are struggling to find out whether they have a claim to British nationality.

“A definitive answer to whether you, or a member of your family, qualify for British nationality”

A Status Trace involves an examination of your nationality documents, including birth and marriage certificates, as well as old passports and other documents that can have a bearing on your nationality status.

By applying the changes to nationality law that occurred in 1949 and 1983 (amongst others), the status of your parents, yourself, your partner, siblings, children and even grandchildren can be determined. The Status Trace takes the form of a multi-page report written by our team of Nationality experts and will give you a definitive “yes” or “no” answer.

Status Trace services

The Status Trace service costs £350 You can purchase the service from your Results Page after registering on the site, purchase the service below, or contact Philip Gamble & Partners for further information.

See if you have a claim

If you would like to take up this service, email Philip Gamble & Partners for further information.

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