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Getting travel insurance
before you go to the UK

Travel insurance is a must for those going to the UK.

You can apply to join the National Health Service (NHS) once you’ve settled. However, there will be a period before this when you won’t be covered for medical expenses. Apart from the medical implications, we look at a few of the most important reasons to consider getting travel insurance before you leave home.



Emergency medical cover

Perhaps the biggest motivating factor for travel insurance is that medical expenses abroad can be exceptionally high. Should you fall ill or be involved in an accident, travel insurance will cover you until you join the NHS. When looking at potential insurers make sure they include:

  • Emergency medical treatment costs, including hospital charges and ambulance fees
  • Temporary emergency dental treatment for the relief of immediate pain
  • 24-hour assistance helplines to offer support and advice about appropriate treatment options and plans

When speaking to potential insurers, it is important that you answer any questions, especially those relating to your medical history, honestly. Failure to do so might result in you being refused cover.

Other benefits of travel insurance

Travel insurance offers more benefits than medical cover. While you will still need to enquire about specific benefits with various insurers, we’ve listed a few that you should look out for, below.

Missed or delayed departure

If you miss your flight due to circumstances beyond your control, you might be able to claim on your UK travel insurance. Some insurers will also cover you if your flight is delayed by more than 12 hours.

Baggage and belongings

Sadly, no country is immune to crime. Check that your travel insurance covers you against theft of baggage and personal possessions - there are few things worse than getting off the plane and realising your luggage has been tampered with. You should be insured against loss or damage, but you may have to prove that you were not negligent with your belongings.

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