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Moving to the UK

It’s easy to see why the UK is such a popular destination with international citizens. Apart from boasting a large, growing economy, it is also home to some of the world’s most famous museums, tourist attractions and more. Not to mention its fast-paced high streets, nightlife, restaurants and theatres. Here’s why we think you’ll love the UK.


The economy

The UK’s economy is the sixth largest in the world and is still growing. Businesses are thriving, allowing both local and international residents to find employment.

Cultural hub

London is a culturally diverse and inclusive city. As an international traveller you’ll fit right in - at least 37% of London’s population was born outside the UK. The city is home to a diverse range of communities, including Indian, Vietnamese, Turkish and Chinese.

Transport and travel

Apart from the UK’s first-world transport system, its location also makes onward travel much easier. Cheap flights to Europe and the Eurostar to Paris will give you a wide range of potential long weekend destinations.

A green city

While London is an urban metropolis, it’s also the greenest major city in Europe. You can access acres of parks within the city itself. You can spend hours getting lost in Hyde Park, Hampstead Heath, Kensington Gardens and Richmond Park (which comes complete with wild deer).


Founded in 43AD, London has almost 2,000 years of history just waiting to be discovered. Wandering the streets, you’ll still see architecture from the Roman, Tudor, Stuart and Victorian periods, along with four UNESCO World Heritage sites.


With 43 universities, including the world-famous Oxford and Cambridge, the UK is one of the most respected education hubs in the world. In addition to the more traditional universities, the UK is also home to specialised schools like Central St Martins and the London College of Fashion. If you’re travelling to the UK with children, the country also has some of the best state, grammar and fee-paying schools too.


Everything you need to know about moving to the UK

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