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Send money home with
1st Contact Forex

If you’ve been working in the UK, you’ll hopefully have a few Pounds saved up by the time you leave. Our money transfer service can ensure that you get more cash in your account when you send your savings home.

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The rates we display here are mid-market and indicative.
Actual rates will vary depending on your transfer amount.

Offering fast transfers and great rates, now is the perfect time to sign up with 1st Contact Forex. You’re guaranteed better rates than the banks along with a safe and reliable way to send money home. If you haven’t already used the free transfer voucher included in your Kickstart Package, it will still be valid.

Why thousands   1st Contact Forex
  • Speedy
  • Excellent
    exchange rates
  • Every fifth
    transfer is free
  • Authorised
    and regulated
  • UK debit
    cards accepted

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