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UK mobile SIM card

Your Kickstart Package includes a mobile SIM card from the network provider of your choice. Your SIM will help you keep in touch with family and friends back home. Packed with plenty of extras, you also have the option of receiving your number before you leave for the UK.


When you first arrive in London, you might struggle to get a mobile phone contract as you won’t have a credit rating in the UK. This is why every Kickstart Package contains a SIM card, so you can stay in touch.

The two most popular mobile phone options are pay as you go, which you will likely start using on arrival, and contract.

Pay as you go

This is the most widely used service, especially with newcomers to the UK.

If you have purchased one of our Kickstart packages, you would have received a SIM card in your welcome pack. Alternatively, you are able to purchase a SIM card after you arrive in the UK.

Credit can be purchased over the phone, online or at a number of stores. Rates for phone calls differ between peak and off-peak hours, with the former being more expensive. Ask your service provider about their add-on packages, including SMS or text bundles, as these tend to be better value for money.


Once you open a bank account in the UK and build a credit rating, you will be able to take out a mobile phone contract.

A contract will allow you to select a service to suit your personal needs, with the bonus of a free mobile phone. You will have a direct debit set up against your bank account, which will be billed on a monthly basis. Consider setting a limit on your contract to avoid an unexpected bill at the end of the month.

Mobile SIM providers

Our Kickstart packages include a mobile SIM card from your choice of one of the following providers.


 Lebara mobile


How Lebara keeps you connected:

  • Instant connections (Vodafone network)
  • No hidden charges or access codes
  • High-quality network
  • Free multilingual services
  • Cheap international calls

My Lebara account allows Kickstart customers to:

  • View call and usage history
  • Set up auto top-up
  • Get exclusive access to special offers 




How EE keeps you connected:

  • Super fast, reliable connection wherever you go – EE network gives you the widest 4G coverage in the UK
  • Free EU roaming – use your minutes, texts and data across the EU at no extra cost
  • Wi-Fi calling – make calls, even when there’s no signal
  • UK and Ireland call centres

My EE account allows Kickstart customers to:

  • Manage their account quickly and easily
  • See remaining call credit
  • Top-up online


02 logo

How O2 keeps you connected:

  • A faster, smarter, stronger network
  • Free EU Roaming – use your minutes, texts and data across the EU at no extra cost
  • Make calls over Wi-Fi – make calls and send texts over Wi-Fi using O2’s Tu Go app
  • Free O2 Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK
  • Get help from an O2 guru – you can speak to them in store or online

My O2 account allows Kickstart customers to:

  • Manage your account 24/7 – check your bill, view your balance, add bolt-ons and more
  • Top-up online


three logo

How Three keeps you connected:

  • Network covers 98% of the UK population
  • Feel-at-home plan allows you to text and call the UK from abroad at no extra cost.  Available in 60 destinations
  • Pay-as-you-go SIM rates are the UK’s lowest

My Three account allows Kickstart customers to:

  • View itemised bills
  • Find out about existing customer deals
  • Update personal details
  • Top-up online



How giffgaff keeps you connected:

  • Free EU roaming – use your data, minutes and texts in the EU at no extra cost
  • Choose a plan or top-up as you go
  • Free calls to giffgaff numbers with ‘goodybag’

My giffgaff account allows Kickstart customers to:

  • Top-up online
  • Change your plan



How Vodafone keeps you connected:

  • Free EU roaming – use your data, minutes and texts in the EU at no extra cost
  • Get rewards every time you top up with Vodafone rewards
  • Highly-rated coverage – delivering 3G and 4G coverage to 98% of the UK population
  • Quick and easy set-up

My Vodafone account allows Kickstart customers to:

  • Top-up online
  • Manage and change details
  • See recent bills
  • Check credit, minutes, texts and data

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