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Find work in the UK

If you’ve come to the UK to make a few Pounds, our team is ready to help you on your way. Over the past 10 years, we’ve built a network of recruitment agencies across a wide variety of industries to help you find work in the UK as quickly and easily as possible.


The UK job market is as competitive as it is lucrative. With the 1st Contact Kickstart Package, you can have your CV seen by the UK's top recruitment agencies, giving you the best chance of finding a job.

The UK is an agency-based job market and candidates are usually employed through specialist recruitment agencies. You may find that this process is a little different to your home country.

Have your CV reviewed and formatted

Our experienced team checks your CV before sending it on to our network of over 50 recruitment agencies. If your CV needs to be updated, we will send you the UK’s preferred template to get it into tip-top shape. We can also connect you with the team at Career Consultants to ensure you are perfectly prepared to enter the job market.

Ready to make your move?



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