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Easy NINO terms and conditions

  • I do not currently have a National Insurance (NI) number and wish to apply to be registered for one.
  • I declare that the information given is correct and complete.
  • I understand that if I give information that is incorrect, action may be taken against me.
  • I have not successfully applied for a NI number and am not waiting to be notified of the outcome of a previous application for such a number.
  • I agree to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) contacting those persons or organisations detailed within this application form to confirm the details I have supplied in my application for an NI number.
  • If applicable, I also agree to the DWP and HMRC contacting the Department of Social and Family Affairs in the Republic of Ireland to confirm details held on their computer system.
  • The NI Number will normally be advised within six to eight weeks of the customer attending the NI interview or completing and returning the forms by post.
  • While six to eight weeks is the standard turnaround time, delays caused by the DWP due to system faults and/or industrial action are beyond 1st Contact’s control and could delay my application.
  • I accept that having a UK visa sticker in my passport, may cause my application to be randomly selected for auditing by DWP. This means that I may be required to attend an appointment in your area. If this occurs, there may be delays to my application. I acknowledge that I will need to attend the appointment to obtain my NI number. If I attend an interview and have a UK visa sticker in your passport, I must provide 1st Contact with proof and they will refund my fee on application.
  • If cancellation is requested after a DWP reference or serial number has been issued, I will be subject to a £10 administrative charge. All refunds are subject to managerial discretion.
  • I acknowledge and agree to pay 1st Contact to provide value added guidance, support and assistance related to obtaining an NI interview or forms. Booking the interview and/or requesting forms is provided free of charge by the DWP.
  • I understand that if I wish to change the date and/or time of my NI Evidence of Identity interview, that due to DWP Data Protection rules, 1st Contact will not be able to discuss my application and I will need to contact the DWP directly. I will not be refunded if I choose to alter the date or time of my interview.
  • I acknowledge that this website and service are operated by 1st Contact Group and are in no way affiliated with, endorsed by or regulated by the DWP, JobCentrePlus or HMRC.
  • I understand that in certain cases, HMRC will issue a cheque covering overpaid emergency tax to recent NI number applicants. The cheque may be sent to 1st Contact; in which case, they will pay the emergency tax refund to me, less a processing fee. Should I not want 1st Contact to process my cheque, I must advise them by phone or email and they will return the cheque to HMRC. I will then need to submit a claim to HMRC for the refund.
  • There may be some circumstances (including, but not limited to, change of address and cases of non-delivered forms) when the DWP will need to speak directly to me because of the UK Data Protection Act 1988. In these cases, 1st Contact cannot call on my behalf and I will need to call the DWP.
  • I understand the importance of providing an address that will be valid from the time of application to at least eight weeks later. I acknowledge that a change of address transaction with the DWP may cause my application to be flagged as fraudulent and may cause delays and may result my having to attend an interview in order to authenticate my address details. 1st Contact reserves the right to levy an administration charge for address changes.
  • Refer three friends or colleagues and receive your Easy NINO application fee back. Your three friends or colleagues must first pay and have had their NI application completed before you receive your money back.


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