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Frequently asked questions about opening a UK bank account

Why can’t I open a UK bank account on my own?

You can’t open a bank account without having credit history in the UK. Most banks will ask you for three months’ worth of recent utility bills and a lease agreement before they will allow you to open an account.

I have a friend living in London and they said they would write me a letter to say that I have lived with them for three months, will this work?

We can’t recommend opening a bank account with fraudulent documents. Banks will also insist on documents from a certifiable source regarding your length of stay in the UK. A letter from a friend will not be accepted.

How can you open an account for me?

Over many years, we have formed relationships with the UK’s leading banks. We will personally introduce you to the bank and book a meeting for you at our local branch. This introduction, together with our long-standing relationship, allows the bank to waive the three months’ credit history requirement. Subsequently, you are able to open a bank account on the spot.

I have a British passport. Surely this means the bank will open an account for me?

Unfortunately not. Regardless of your citizenship, if you have not been resident in the country for three months, you will have to provide exactly the same documents as everybody else.


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