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We move your money wherever it needs to go. Make speedy, secure and cost-effective international money transfers with 1st Contact Forex. Get started by checking our exchange rates with our currency converter.

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Why thousands   1st Contact Forex
  • Speedy
  • Excellent
    exchange rates
  • Every fifth
    transfer is free
  • Authorised
    and regulated
  • UK debit
    cards accepted

View our exchange rates

We pride ourselves on being transparent. The exchange rates you see on the currency converter are the rates you can expect to receive when you transfer with us.    

Watch out for companies quoting Interbank rates. These are the rates that the banks trade at amongst themselves, and are only possible if you trade in billions. No one, not even forex agents, are able to obtain these rates, let alone offer them to you.  

So, if a rate looks too good to be true, make sure it is in fact the real deal. Always be on the lookout for “read more” or the * next to our competitor’s rate calculators. These indicate fine print, and that’s where the truth lies.

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