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Transfer money from the
UK to Hong Kong

Send money from the UK to Hong Kong using our online money transfer service. Our fantastic rates mean that when you use 1st Contact Forex, you always get more Hong Kong Dollars for your British Pounds.

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1 {{Global_Data.selectedFROM.fromCurrencyCode}}{{Global_Data.selectedTO.toCurrencyCode}} {{Global_Data.Rate | number:6}}
Fee = {{Global_Data.firstContactTransferFee}} {{Global_Data.selectedFROM.fromCurrencyCode}}
You save {{Global_Data.selectedTO.toCurrencyCode}} {{Global_Data.YouSaveAmount | number:2}}
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Amout sent {{Global_Data.selectedFROM.fromCurrencyCode+" "}}{{Global_Data.fromAmount | number}} {{Global_Data.selectedFROM.fromCurrencyCode+" "}}{{Global_Data.fromAmount | number}}
Transfer fee {{Global_Data.selectedFROM.fromCurrencyCode+" "}}{{Global_Data.selectedTO.bankTransferFee | number}} {{Global_Data.selectedFROM.fromCurrencyCode+" "}}{{Global_Data.firstContactTransferFee | number}}
Exchange rate {{Global_Data.BankExchangeRate | number:6}} {{Global_Data.Rate | number:6}}
Receiving fee {{Global_Data.selectedTO.toCurrencyCode+" "}}{{Global_Data.BankRecievingFee | number}} {{Global_Data.selectedTO.toCurrencyCode+" "}}{{Global_Data.firstContactRecievingFee | number}}
Funds received {{Global_Data.selectedTO.toCurrencyCode+" "}}{{Global_Data.fundsReceivedBank | number}} {{Global_Data.selectedTO.toCurrencyCode+" "}}{{Global_Data.fundsReceivedFirstContact | number}}
Time taken {{Global_Data.bankTransferTime}} Working days {{Global_Data.firstContactTransferTime}} Working days
Why thousands   1st Contact Forex
  • Speedy
  • Excellent
    exchange rates
  • Every fifth
    transfer is free
  • Authorised
    and regulated
  • UK debit
    cards accepted

Register, activate, transfer. Three easy steps to get your money where it needs to be.


1. Register

Register your free account online to get full access to our secure money transfer service.


2. Activate

To activate your new account simply upload or email copies of your passport and proof of address


3. Transfer

Transfer between more than 25 currencies from all over the world and benefit from excellent rates and super speedy transfers.

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