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5 pro tips for surviving your long-haul flight

by Kobus Van den Bergh | Dec 19, 2017
  • As exciting as it is to jet off to a new home, not many people look forward to the long-haul flight it takes to get there, especially in economy class. A flight from Sydney to London is 22 hours and let’s face it, that’s a long time to be in a confined space with a bunch of humans. However, there are a few things you can do to make your trip as pleasant as possible.
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    1. Just say no to alcohol and caffeine 

    A cold beer or a hot cup of coffee come as a comfort to many, but both alcohol and caffeine disrupt your natural sleeping habits. Not only this, but once the effects wear off, you’ll be left dehydrated, irritable and unable to sleep.

    So, as tempted as you may be, go for water and electrolyte solutions. Flights are dehydrating as is, so do what you can to make sure you stay hydrated throughout the flight.

    2. Keep it mobile

    Anyone who’s ever flown has been warned about the dangers of developing blood clots if you sit still for too long on a flight. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a well-known risk on flights longer than four hours.

    To keep your blood flowing, make sure you take occasional walks up and down the aisles, stretch and move your legs (especially your calves) and wear loose clothing. You might even consider wearing compression socks for the duration of your flight to avoid thrombosis as well as swelling.

    3. Bring your own entertainment

    While in-flight entertainment has come on in leaps and bounds, you might not find anything you like on the plane. Or even worse, your entertainment system could be faulty (the horror!).

    To avoid getting extremely bored, you may want to make sure your iPad or laptop is fully charged. If you’re into watching series or movies, make sure you’ve downloaded a few videos to keep you going through the flight.

    Always bring a back-up book or magazine in case you get tired of staring at a screen for too long. 

    4. Pack snacks

    Even though you’re provided with food on flights, it may not be when or what you’re expecting. Make sure you pack some of your favourite snacks to keep your stomach from grumbling loudly while your fellow passengers are trying to sleep.

    5. Don’t try take everything with you on the plane

    Excess baggage fees will inspire anyone to carry on as much as humanly possible, but on a long-haul flight this is not a good idea. If you unsuccessfully try to stuff everything into the overhead lockers (while everyone else looks at you unimpressed) you could end up having to place some of your things under the seat in front of you. This means less leg room and an even more cramped area. You also increase the risk of leaving things behind if you have to transfer flights at some stage in your journey.

    If you know you’re going to pack everything but the kitchen sink, rather use a shipping company and avoid the ridiculous excess baggage fees.

    You don’t want to have to worry about paying exorbitant excess baggage fees when going on a long-haul flight. Get in touch with us on +44 (0) 80 8141 5520 for fast, cost-effective shipping.

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