Viva la Spanish Holiday: How to Make the Most of your Budget

Spain has long been a favourite holiday destination with literally millions of Brits visiting the country each year – and this summer will probably be no different. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your Spanish holiday money, should you be planning a trip to Spain in 2011.

Choose your dates wisely

To find the cheapest prices you need to travel at the right time – avoid the middle of the summer season and rather go at the beginning or end of summer. Also, book early to find discounted rates.

Get a lift to the airport

Leaving your car at the airport can cost you up to £45 per day. Either pre-book or best yet, get a lift to the airport and cut out that expense altogether.

Book your car in advance

By booking car hire before you travel, you will probably save a substantial amount of money. Spend some time to find the very best deals.


By choosing the self catering route, you will save a lot on food! Scour the internet for great deals and rent a villa or apartment. Shop at local markets and buy local food and wine instead of imported products. This will leave you more money for shopping and activities!

Get a Euro Travel Money Card

Make the most of your spending money with the 1st Contact Euro Travel Card. This card was designed specifically to be used in Europe and it will not only put more money in your pocket, it will also save you plenty of hassles. It’s essentially a MasterCard Debit Card, pre-loaded with Euro, which allows you to essentially pay like a local and save on high bank charges and commissions.

Unlike many other foreign exchange products, the 1st Contact Travel Money Card charges no

commission, and there are no charges for swiping the card in restaurants or shops in Spain. The only charges are for the card, a small fee for ATM withdrawals and a small card replacement fee, should you lose it while on holiday.

Save up before your holiday

One of the great benefits of the Card is that you can load money onto it before your holiday. And because it can only be used in Europe, you won’t be tempted to spend your travel money

before you leave. You can load money as much as you like, easily and quickly, and at totally transparent, low exchange rates!

For more information or to order and load your 1st Contact Travel Money Card, visit, or call 0808 141 1685.

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