Traveller blog – Where In the World is Dael? Part 6

Dael is a 31 year old Zim/South African guy who has travelled the globe and engaged in many fascinating experiences! Starting off with the London springboard stint, Dael has gone on to indulge in the youthful exuberance of travelling and socialising to the extreme! 1st Contact is keeping in close range of Dael’s whereabouts. He has shared some of his latest adventures in his log below….

We sailed straight past the River of January (without stopping…) en route instead to the sailing capital of Brazil… the little exotic party island of the rich called Ilha Bela. This is where the Brazilian elite summer on their luxury yachts (pronounced “Throat Wobbler Mangrove”. This maneuver may seem a little out of character cos clearly, we are a bunch of reckless yachties, however, we have also been at sea for 29 days now and this little island has a quick customs and immigration process. And its a party island… and the weekend… need I say more! (One could argue that we’re like totally immune to magnetic pull of a large city… we’re all like totally bipolar man… fully!)

Its strange. We were sitting yesterday chatting about what we miss about land and it seemed unanimous that it was simple things. How showers, fresh meat (prego rolls and spare ribs), bottomless coffee, fresh fruit, walking to the toilet without being thrown across the room on the way there and then having to become a contortionist of sorts.

But this Atlantic crossing has been an adventure. I mean, where else do you get to surf a 39 foot yacht down the face of a wave into the pitch black unknown with sparkling phosphorescence all around you. Speaking of which, last night the bloody cook showed everyone up by surfing what can only be a “freak” 9-12 metre (dam, I accidentally wrote foot… how gay! changed 16/12) wave and going 15 knots of boat speed in 30 knots of wind. Anyone who ever says to me that a Beneteau First is a tub doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Let me be clear, its a First and not that fat Oceanis caravan that is slower than Polly… Polly, with such succulent and perfect breasts… a sweet sexy smile… and just so eager to please… I’m so happy she came with us on this trip.

Forever, a few little things will make me think of the last month… the flight of the Albatross (strawberry flavored), Pearl Jam concert in one ear while a raging monsoon smacks you in the other ear… the wirr of Fanando keeping me company on the morning watch… Kazak profanities about canned chicken curry (YUCK!) and pickled fish (EEEW!)… and Rob’s Morvite (what the?). Oh and swearing at Rapalas for not catching any fish… although they did well the other day tho, caught us 2 FAT tuna. Mmm, we made our own sushi mid-Atlantic and then had seared steaks the next day…

Rob’s cooking was also incredible… then there was Andrew and Rob’s second helping as they fed their food back to the fish… missed conquests… a dolphin escort from the pub… swimming in 5 km deep water… Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Such a cool trip… and for me, Andrew and his family, its the start of the next adventure. Exploring this continent with the yacht Josephine. Rupert will follow the 42 signs on his own path and Rob will fly back to the Cape. He left a cook and returns as a full water-logged log book carrying member of yachtie society. He’ll never be the same! (and neither with the Royal Cape…)

Next: Return to Ilha Bela… and working life!
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