Traveller blog – Where In The World is Dael?

Dael is a 30 year old South African guy who has travelled the globe and engaged in many fascinating experiences! Starting off with the London springboard stint, Dael has gone on to indulge in the youthful exuberance of travelling and socialising to the extreme!

1st Contact is keeping in close range of Dael’s where abouts, where he has shared some of his latest adventures in his log below….

Dael’s Log:
So I have decided to create this little blog in order to try and stay connected to my little universe that I’ve come to know and love and now leave.

I’m setting sail quite literally across the sea to take up my new post as a refuge from the modern world making interesting, descriptive and ridiculously fascinating films about what its like to travel on a boat with a family in a completely foreign continent without being able to speak any form of the native languages (I aim to learn but I haven’t even considered starting yet!).

My role… well, besides being the painfully intelligent and ridiculously good-looking camera man, I also get to sail the boat (a LOT, to a LOT of places!) and help with film editing and possibly perform all the other fun adventurous crazy stupid things that anyone who knows me, has come to expect from me!

So now, you get to hear about my stories and adventures. I will post a whole lot of diary entries, map updates and photos for you, my entranced fans, to be jealous of!

We’ll begin our story next issue… by sailing toward the setting sun!

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