Stretch your Euros even further with the 1st Contact Euro Travel Money Card

If you’re planning to visit Europe these holidays, make sure you make the most of your spending money with the 1st Contact Euro Travel Card. Designed specifically to be used in Europe, it will save you plenty of hassle and put more money in your pocket!

How does it work?

The 1st Contact Euro Travel Money Card is essentially a MasterCard Debit Card pre-loaded with Euro, so you’ll be paying like a local and saving on high bank charges and commissions, leaving you more cash to spend on your travels!

A money-saving fee structure

Unlike many other foreign exchange products, the 1st Contact Travel Money Card charges no commission, and there are no charges for swiping the card in restaurants or shops in Europe. In fact, the only charges are for the purchase of the card (12.50), a small fee for ATM withdrawals and a small card replacement fee, should you lose your card.

Save up before your holiday

One of the great benefits of the Card is that you can load money onto it in the weeks leading up to your holiday, and because it can only be used in Europe, you won’t be tempted to spend your travel money before you leave!

Easily manage your money

You have the option of managing your Travel Money Card via our secure online system or via SMS. Load funds, transfer money or check your balances any time, day or night, as often as you like.

Excellent, transparent Exchange Rates

With 1st Contact Forex, the rate you see online when you load your money is the exact rate you’ll get, so there’ll be no nasty surprises when you check your balances. And because of the buying power of 1st Contact Forex, you are also guaranteed one of the best exchange rates available, meaning an even greater saving!

Rand and Dollar Card options available

If you’re planning to visit South Africa or the United States, we also offer Travel Money Card for these destinations, with all the benefits of the Euro Card!

For more information or to order your 1st Contact Travel Money Card, visit, or call  0808 141 1685

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