Solo travel: Practical tips for travelling alone

Solo travel can seem intimidating, even for the most experienced traveller. Whether you are concerned about safety or feel uncomfortable sitting at a restaurant alone, we share a few tips to help you get the most out of your adventure.

woman with suitcase on the beach

Plan in advance

You don’t need a detailed itinerary for every day, but at least have an idea of where you’ll be staying each night. If possible, pay for your accommodation in advance. This will save you unnecessary stress when you’re on the go.

Pack light

Travelling alone means that, except for the possibility of a helpful stranger, you’ll likely be responsible for carrying your own luggage for the majority of your trip. Keep the weight of your bag to a minimum and make sure that you’ll be able to manage carrying your luggage between busses, trains, airport carousels and up stairs.

Give someone back home your itinerary

Give a family member or close friend a copy of your itinerary, along with the details of the accommodation you have booked. At least one person should have a general idea of where you’ll be and when, in case of an emergency.

See the selfie stick as your new BFF

We all tend to roll our eyes at tourists with outstretched arms, searching for the perfect camera angle. But if you’re not comfortable asking a passing stranger to take a photograph for you, then the selfie stick will become your new best friend.

Write down the address of your hotel or hostel

This is particularly useful in countries where you don’t speak the language. A simple mispronunciation of a road could lead to endless frustration for both you and the driver.

Have a financial cushion in your budget

Build an emergency fund into your budget. Whether you use it to take a cab instead of walking or just keep it aside for a sense of security, you’ll feel more comfortable knowing that you can handle an unexpected change in plans.

Consider travel insurance

Good travel insurance will cover a variety of unexpected costs – not only medical emergencies. It’s worth looking around and finding one that will also reimburse you for lost baggage and trip cancellations.

Go on organised tours

Apart from giving you the opportunity to meet other travellers, it will also give you a break from organizing everything and allow someone else take care of all the details for a change.

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