The Real Wimbledon

The biggest tennis event of the year kicked off yesterday as the Wimbledon Championship came into its 124th edition.

But what about the town behind the event? Put down your strawberries and cream and have a look at ten Wimbledon facts you didn’t know.

  1. The Wombles of Wimbledon is an iconic stop-motion animation made famous in the 1970s. The creator of the series, Elizabeth Beresford, took her young children for a walk one day in Wimbledon common when one of her children referred to it as ‘Wombledon Common’. From that one utterance a TV legend was born.

  2. The average rental for a two bedroom flat, in the Wimbledon area, is around £300 per week. The SW19 (Wimbledon’s post code) area varies greatly in rent, so have a good look around. Here are three examples of  flats available in the borough.

  3. Wimbledon Common is one of the settings of HG Wells’ ‘War of the Worlds’.

  4. Scholars believe that Wimbledon has been inhabited since the age of ancient Greeks and Romans.

  5. Wimbledon is well served by the Northern and District Tube lines. Locals say a journey into central London takes around 25 minutes.

  6. Nearby Tube stations include:

    • Wimbledon
    • Wimbledon Park
    • South Wimbledon

  7. Eighties rapper, Slick Rick, was born in South Wimbledon in 1965. Rick lost his right eye when he was a child and mentions Wimbledon in his lyrics often.

  8. You may also have heard of these three people who, at some point, have lived in Wimbledon:

    • Steve-O – from ‘Jackass’,
    • Michael Ballack – Footballer who plays for Chelsea FC and Germany.
    • William Wilberforce – The 19th century anti-slavery campaigner.

  9. In the 16th century, Elizabeth the 1st granted Wimbledon to Thomas Cecil, the 1st Earl of Exeter. Cecil was so involved with the development of Wimbledon that he is referred to by history  as the ‘Maker of Wimbledon’.

  10. It was in a match between Dinara Safina and Amelie Mauresmo, in 2009, that the retractable roof was used for the first time after a rain delay. The cost of the roof is  an estimated £80 million.

  11. If you lived 100 m from the tennis action  your street would look like this.

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