Your Health Matters!

With 1st Contact your health and well being on any travel experience is absolutely one of our priorities. Planning ahead both physically and financially for all eventualities can set your mind at ease to concentrate on planning the fun stuff like what to wear, where to go and what to see!
Putting away a little bit of your travel budget for any unforeseen illness or injury is made easy with 1st Contacts “Travel Money Card”. This revolutionary new concept is designed so that you can begin to put away Forex months ahead of your trip, keeping it safe from exchange movements and inflation until you are ready to travel.

Any preparations for travelling abroad should always include checking if you need any specific vaccinations for the places you are visiting. Contracting something   nasty when you’re on holiday can really at best ruin your stay but, at worst, can seriously endanger your health.

1st Contact’s Travel Clinic, located in Central London, is your best bet for finding out about which vaccinations are needed for which countries. They have a comprehensive on-line list  which details which regions are higher risk areas for any particular strain of disease and which vaccinations are recommended for that area, to assure complete peace of mind.

The highly qualified 1st Contact Travel Clinic staff will assist you with any advice and administration of vaccinations. You should start with vaccinations about 4-6 weeks before travelling and it is highly recommended to get vaccinated before any trips to Africa, South and Central America, Asia or the Middle East, where there is a high risk of contracting malaria among others.

1st Contact Travel Clinic promise the lowest price for vaccinations, guaranteed!

Of course there are all sorts of considerations to take into account when travelling the globe. Part of the service at 1st Contact is helping you with tips to make this easier.

Some valuable tips for keeping your health in check for international travel include:

  • Check the drinking water- Contaminated drinking water is one of the leading sources of health problems for travellers. Bottled water is safer and it is important to keep hydrated. Remember to add the cost to your budget, the Travel Card can be used to purchase water from most retail outlets as you travel.
  • Sunblock– no matter where you are planning to go, you will probably be spending some time outside. So sunblock is a must.
  • Look after your feet– Choosing the right shoe for the type of trip you are going on, before the time, is really worth the effort. Sensible does not have to mean ugly. Keep some peppermint foot spray handy for refreshing tired feet.
  • Check local emergency numbers -Add them to your mobile phone- this is especially handy if you plan to hike into remote areas.
  • Take along a small First Aid Kit– add items such as antacids, antiseptic cream, headache tablets, cotton wool, latex gloves, sticking plaster and insect repellent.

For any further advice visit the 1st Contact Travel Clinic website which not only takes care of your vaccination need but they are also able to assist with other general health issues.

For more information on 1st Contact’s ravel Money Card visit