It really is here! – The FIFA World Cup Off To a Good Start

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is officially here and South Africa is abuzz with fans from all over the world… painting their faces, waving their flags and blowing their Vuvuzelas to create a positively electric energy!

Apart from a few less than impressive performances in the first few games and the “great Vuvuzela debate”, the event seems set to be a huge success.

If you’re heading to SA at any point during the next month, here are some tips and advice gathered since the kick-off:


  • Bring earplugs! Despite the controversy over Vuvuzelas and even players complaining about the distracting noise, it seems they are here to stay and will not be banned from stadiums. Love ‘em, hate it – they’re here to stay.


  • Dress warm! It’s cold… very, very cold in parts of South Africa and Cape Town has been experiencing heavy rainfall, so bring warm jackets, scarves and raincoats. Umbrellas are not permitted into the stadium, so a weather proof jacket is advisable!


  • Lock up your valuables! There have been a few reports of theft – if you have very valuable items, rather have them stored in the hotel safe if possible.


  • Carry less cash! The 1st Contact Travel Money Card is a great solution to the worry of pick-pocketing in crowds. It works like a MasterCard debit card, there are no fees for swiping in South Africa and your card is loaded with ZAR, so you pay like a local. There is a small fee for withdrawing cash from an ATM (which are to be found all over).


  • See as much of the country as you can! South Africa is a beautiful country with an enormous amount to see and do. Don’t get stuck in your hotel room – see all there is to see! Remember to check with locals about which areas are safe and which to avoid.


  • Scout around! If you’ve ever wondered about living and working in South Africa, this is your opportunity to get a really good idea of the country and its people. Chat to locals about your industry and job opportunities. Just remember, SA has a high unemployment rate, so people with skills that are in demand are more likely to successfully apply for a Visa. Speak to a 1st Contact Visa consultant if you fall in love with South Africa and must go back!


Here’s to the next few weeks! We won’t venture a guess as to the World Cup winner at this stage, but we will say, for sure, that this World Cup is alreay one to remember!

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