1st Contact’s Travel Clinic is stocked up with typhoid vaccine

Due to a problem with manufacturers, there is currently an international shortage of the typhoid vaccine.

The shortage may last as long as a year and is affecting many clinics and health centres in the UK, including the NHS.

The 1st Contact Travel Clinic advises, however, that because of their excellent and long-standing relationship with suppliers, they have received stock of 350 of these vaccines.

Anyone needing the vaccine, and in particular travellers planning to go to Africa or India, should hurry to ensure they receive their vaccine before stock runs out.

The Clinic is located at Castlewood House, 77-91 New Oxford Street, London, and offers a wide range of vaccinations, as well as free travel health advice, vaccine certificates, health sheets and a variety of travel accessories.

To book your appointment and ensure you are not affected by the vaccine shortages, call 0808 141 5506 (UK Free call) or +44 20 7759 7505. Or, for more information, visit 1stContact-travelclinic.com.