1st Contact Shipping offers double discount deal

Are you moving back home after having lived and worked in the UK? Take advantage of the Double Discount Deal offered by 1st Contact Shipping, when you use the shipping service as well as 1st Contact’s tax refund service.

1st Contact Shipping is offering a unique double discount deal, designed to encourage you to claim back your overpaid tax. One in three people who have worked in the UK in the past 4 years are still due a tax refund – so you should not delay your application. 1st Contact Tax Refunds works on a “no refund – no fee” policy, and you’ll receive a fantastic discount on the already highly competitive fees.

You’ll also receive a super discount on the costs of shipping your goods back home.

To take advantage of the Double Discount Deal, fill in this online application, and you’ll receive a free quote on your shipping.

Safe, reliable and highly trusted shipping service

1st Contact offers a nationwide service, and ships to Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada and many other destinations around the world.

Track your shipping online with our tracking tool and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your possessions are in good hands.

Visit www.1stcontact-shipping.com/for more information or call 0808 141 5520 to speak to a consultant.