Top 7 South African products for expats

South Africans have been relocating to the UK for a few decades now, with their favourite products from home following closely behind.

Today there are several specialist South African stores and online shops operating all across the UK to meet the demand.

Mrs Ball's chutneyEven if you’ve never been to South Africa, you might want to try a few to see what all the fuss is about.

1. Mrs Ball’s chutney

Most South Africans agree – curries just wouldn’t be the same without the sweet and tangy flavour of Mrs Ball’s Chutney. Cheese and chutney sarneys are also a firm favourite, as is chicken chutney/mayo casserole.

2. Freshpak Rooibos

Nothing tastes quite like this particular brand of “red bush” tea, which is a super seller at South African stores. The familiar smell and taste is bound to evoke memories of home for expats.

3. Niknaks

A favourite snack in South Africa, nik naks are cheesy, crunchy, moreish crisps that have been the favourite snack in South Africa for decades. Nik naks can be found at most stores that sell South African products.

Biltong4. Biltong and Droëwors

If you have any South African expat friends, they will probably have introduced you to these cured meat products. If not, it’s worth giving it a try, particularly if you prefer salty snacks and like meat! It’s not the cheapest snack around, but it’s extremely satisfying and goes well with beer.

5. Ouma rusks

Ouma rusks are somewhat of an institution in South Africa. “Ouma” means grandmother in Afrikaans. Through the years, the ads have called for you to “dip an ouma” – as the conventional way of eating rusks is to enjoy them dunk them into coffee or tea to soften and soak up the flavour.

6. All Gold tomato sauce

If you grew up in South Africa, chances are there was a bottle of All Gold Tomato Sauce in your fridge at all times. This thick, rich tomato sauce is unmistakable in its consistency and rich tomato flavour. Again, no other tomato sauce tastes like it!

7. Drinks

South Africans are known to be quite brand-loyal and especially so when it comes to their favourite alcoholic beverages. Some of the can’t-live-without-it drinks include:

  • The two most popular ciders in SA – Hunter’s and Savanna. These are well worth tasting if you enjoy sweeter drinks.
  • Klipdrift, which has long been South Africa’s most popular brandy. Klippies and Coke is often the drink of choice at a braai or when watching rugby.
  • Castle Lager, which is South Africa’s most iconic beer product by far – and a crisp, tasty lager too.

Have we missed any? Let us know what your favourite South African food products are.

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