Tips to deal with home sickness

You’re excited to start your new adventure, but even the most experienced travellers can suffer from home sickness. We share a few tips to help you manage the most common symptoms.

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Be a tourist

Treat your first few weeks in the city as if you are there for a holiday. Visit the most popular sites and attractions to get a sense of the city’s history and culture.

Once you’re more comfortable, it’ll be easier to carve out your niche and find your favourite new places and local hangouts.

Eat out

Try the restaurants in your neighbourhood and discover local specialities. You can find new favourite dishes on your doorstep, and may have the opportunity to meet and get to know people in your area.

Log off and get out

Technology allows you to stay in touch with people back home, it can also prevent you from experiencing your new home town.

You’re stopping yourself from fully exploring and making friends in your new city if you’re spending hours each day talking to parents and friends at home. Staying in touch is important, but don’t let it get in the way of new adventures and experiences.

Create a routine

Research has shown that a feeling of being in control can help reduce the symptoms of homesickness. Work out what daily and weekly routines work for you. This should be more than what time you wake up and when you do your grocery shopping or go for a jog. Include nights you’d like to go for drinks with friends or afternoons dedicated to exploring your surroundings.

Be active

It’s easy to feel down if you’re stuck in your room all day, wondering what you could be doing if you were “back home”. Instead, why not head outside?

Whether it’s for a simple walk around the neighbourhood, an impromptu picnic in a local park or a visit to a market, finding a reason to love your new city could be easier than you think.

Remind yourself why you’re there

Write it down. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Facebook status, in a notebook or your daily journal, go into detail about why you chose to go on this adventure. It can be easy to forget why you chose a change of scenery when you’re feeling down.

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