South African Government Announces “Soccer Tax”

The South African Government today announced the introduction of a special “Soccer Tax” to take effect on the 1st of June, just a few days before the World Cup kicks off.

Soccer World CupThe £103 tax, which will be levied on all foreigners entering the country from 1 June, will apparently be used to offset expenses incurred in readying the country for the big event.

“We have spent billions preparing for the World Cup and it’s only fair that the people who will be enjoying the facilities and games, contribute towards the costs of these things” said Kanye Ditglo, a spokesperson for the World Cup Organising Authority. She could not be reached for comment after the announcement.

Netta Grappie, a South African who was recently granted British Citizenship is up in arms over the tax: “This is an outrage! Why didn’t they announce this before tickets went on sale? This is forcing us into paying the tax, because we have already booked our flights, accommodation and match tickets!”

The South African Department of Foreign Affairs could not be reached for comment.

  • Kevin

    This can only be an April fool’s joke!

  • Manish

    Let’s hope it is an April Fools Joke … but knowing the government you would never know!!!

  • Ryan Acton

    Nee, ek kan nie dit glo nie!

  • Ryan Acton


  • Skara

    It better be a joke coz its not funny at all.

  • Katta

    Kanye dit glo? Nah, can’t say I do!