The DA urges South Africans abroad to vote

The Democratic Alliance, along with DA Abroad, are running a VOTE HOME campaign, designed to encourage more South Africans living in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere in world, to vote in the next national election.

To help make it easier for South Africans to vote in another country, the DA recently submitted a legislative proposal to amend electoral legislation. Currently, South Africans living abroad are allowed to vote in national elections, but only at South African embassies, consulates, and high commissions.

  • In order to vote they must have previously registered in South Africa.
  • They must inform the IEC of their intention to vote by completing the relevant form and sending it to the IEC.
  • At the time of voting, they must have their valid ID book, as well as, the voting confirmation received from IEC.

To find out if you are registered to vote, simply visit the following page on the IEC website and submit your ID Number:\

Proposed amendments

The DA hopes to simplify the registrations and voting process, resulting in more South Africans across the globe participating in their country’s electoral process. Should the proposal be accepted, it will result in amendments which would:

  • allow voters living outside of South Africa to register to vote where they live;
  • increase access to voting for South Africans living abroad;
  • allow South Africans abroad to exercise their vote in provincial, as well as, in national elections.

DA Abroad

DA Abroad is a global network of South Africans and DA supporters living abroad. They work very closely with the DA’s National Office in South Africa and run campaigns designed to grow the DA’s international supporter base and provide overseas voters with relevant information.

If you are a South African DA supporter living outside the country, keep up with DA Abroad’s campaigns and activities by visiting: – UK Branch – Global Branch

Or follow them on twitter: