London After Dark

If you enjoy being scared witless (and who doesn’t?) then go and see the theatrical production Ghost Stories now on at the Duke of York’s, St Martins Lane, Covent Garden.  It’s on till 7th September.  
Ghost StoriesThere’s something rather unusual about this show, apart from its terrifying ghosts.  It’s the fact that the production is spiced up with moments of humour that gives you a nice warm feeling before you shriek in fear.  It’s rather like a hangman pausing to tell you a good joke before he puts the noose around you neck.

You might fancy a drink after this experience in which case the Ministry of Sound may or may not be for you.   It crams in 5000 people over weekends.  If for some reason you don’t like the one dance floor, you can always try the other two.  And there are three bars.  Their DJs are legendary and include Pete Tong and Paul Oakenfold.  Who cares if you’re deaf afterwards, it’s the moment that counts man!

This club is renowned world-wide and has become a famous brand and a major influence on the UK clubbing scene. Even after all these years it still ranks as one of London’s best populist clubs.  Nearest Tube Station is Elephant & Castle
Chinawhite is another club with an almost cult-like reputation among clubbers.  It’s now at 4 Winsley Street, its new location.  Its advertising blurb reads that it is one of the most timeless, famous and aspirational members’ clubs.  The word ‘aspirational’ should worry you.  It translates as “very expensive”.  It means you’ll leave broke.  But hey, if that doesn’t worry you – go, by all means!  Unlike the Ministry of Sound, it can accommodate a mere 380 people and I must admit that is more to my liking.

To get in you have to be 21 or older (but not TOO old, please!! – although they don’t say that).  The nearest tube station is Piccadilly Circus, Their music policy is Funky House, Electro and if you’re feeling particularly reckless, be prepared to spend a minimum of £750 for a table of 7.

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