Hammamas Pure Cotton Towels

Looking for a travel towel that’s super compact and hardly registers on the scales?!  Then you need a HAMMAMAS.  It’s so much more than a travel towel.

Hammamas TowelsHammamas are pure cotton towels which are super compact, making them the perfect travel companion.   Once washed, they absorb water as fast as a normal towel, dry in a flash, and wrap up to nothing, making them light and easy to carry in your backpack.

Hammamas have been designed to represent people who love life, colour and spontaneity. Available in 21 amazing colours, there’s a shade to match your vibe.

Once you have a Hammamas in your backpack, you instantly have beachwear, a change of clothes, a sleeping partner (pillow or sheet), a shower or beach towel and much more.

Our customers have sent us photos from all over the world showing us how they use their Hammamas on their travels.

Try using Hammamas as a beach sarong while travelling along the Amalfi Coast, use it as a pillow on the ferry trip from Athens to Mykonos, as a mattress liner in a dodgy hostel in Lagos, taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon, or even a wrap on a summer evening in Spain while sipping on Sangria. Closer to home, they make a great picnic rug on Clapham Common for when the sun finally does come out.

We guarantee you will fall in love with your Hammamas and they won’t ditch you en route or break your heart.


If you’re buying in the UK just go to www.hammamas.com just enter the code ultimatetraveltowel at checkout when asked for a promotional code.

If you’re buying in Australia, just go to www.hammamas.com.au/sale to receive your 15% discount and buy your Hammamas for $33.00 instead of $39.

  • Kiera

    I used them as wedding gifts. Try these guys out. They have the best selection and prices.