Cost of living in London

Living in the UK, and London in particular, can be expensive. To help you work out your budget – and make sure you always have enough left for a pint at the end of the month – we’ve created list of approximate prices for some of your general expenses.


All costs below are averages and accurate as of October 2016.


One bedroom flat, city centre £740.31
One bedroom flat, outside city £609.28
Three bedrooms, city centre £1,237.06
Three bedrooms, outside city £953.02

Cost of food and drink

Pub meal £12.00
Restaurant meal for two £50.00
Bottle of wine in supermarket £7.00
12 eggs in a supermarket £1.96
Pint of beer £3.50

Cost of transportation


One-way ticket on local transport £2.30
Monthly pass £60.00
One litre of fuel £1.08
Taxi fare, per kilometre £1.60

Lifestyle expenses


Movie ticket £9.50
Monthly gym membership £33.16
Pair of jeans £56.69
Internet (10Mbps, unlimited data, ADSL) £21.06

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  • theginja_ninja

    as a londoner I really dispute nearly all these costs. Please show me where in central london for £740, I will rent 5 :)

  • Londoner

    I find lots of these prices inaccurate :) I have lived in London for 6.5 years.
    Monthly travel for the tube & bus is more like £120+ for zone 1&2.
    One bedroom flat in the city centre for £740.31? Is that a studio? In the city centre a studio would still be £1000.

  • disqus_SauuVTbPWn

    I agree with the comments below. These prices are roughly half what you’ll find in reality. A simple Google search will tell you a monthly Oyster card pass is £124.50! And as for the rent.. anyone following this as a guide is in for a rude shock. We rent out our 3 bedroom ex-local authority flat on a council estate in Highbury for £2,200 PCM and that’s cheap for the area… Historically I’ve found this website quite useful but this article is bordering on wilful deception. I’d strongly encourage you to post a retraction and update to realistic numbers.