Advice for When You’re Heading Back Home

If you’re moving back home after having lived and worked in London, there’s plenty to plan and do before you say goodbye and board the plane.

Book your flight

When you know for sure that you’re going home, book your flight as far in advance as you can. This way, you’ll have time to shop around and compare prices for a great deal. Once you’ve made your purchase, just remember where you store your tickets and passport.

Find a job

Don’t wait until the last minute to start job-hunting. If you know you’re homebound, update your CV and send it out to recruitment agents and all your contacts back home. Update your LinkedIn profile too. Let your friends and family know that you are looking for a job and ask them to keep their feelers out. With enough time, you could arrive home to the job you really want, or at the very least have a few promising interviews lined up.

Make some smart shopping purchases

Think of the things you won’t find back home (or will, but at a higher price) and stock up. If you’re from the Southern Hemisphere, for instance, you might want to do a spot of end-of-season shopping to bulk up your wardrobe for when you get home.

Take care of bills and direct debits

Cancel all direct debits, memberships, phone bills, etc. well in advance to avoid any problems.

Cancel your lease

If you have signed a lease, make sure to give your notice in time. If necessary, you might have to advertise for a tenant. You could also start to look around for accommodation once you’re home, unless you’re moving back in with the parentals for a while.

Change your mail details

If you still receive snail mail, change your mailing address. If you receive a lot in the post, it might be a good idea to use Royal Mail’s forwarding service to redirect your mail.

Send goods home via shipping

Shipping can be a risky and complicated business, unless you book through a reputable shipping agency. 1st Contact Shipping is one of the largest container operators in the UK and offers frequent sailings to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, North America and South-East Asia. Transit time is around 8 to 12 weeks, so do ensure that you start the proceedings well before your date of departure. You can send your requirements via their online quote form to calculate your shipping costs. You can also contact one of the 1st Contact Shipping consultants on 0808 141 5520.

Check whether you’re due a tax refund

If you’ve lived and worked in the UK for any amount of time, chances are that you will be due a tax refund.  Visit to apply for your refund. 1st Contact operates under a “no refund, no fee” policy, so there’s nothing to lose and possibly hundreds of pounds to gain.

Send your money home

If you have money sitting in your UK bank account, and you’d like to transfer it to your bank account back home, then make sure you find the best deal and don’t lose any money unnecessarily. Contrary to popular belief, the banks are the most expensive way to do this. Rather go through a well-known agency like 1st Contact Forex , who offer the lowest fees, best interest rates and a secure online transfer facility.

To print out the checklist, download this PDF. Happy planning for your move back home!