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Where is the happiest place to live in the UK?

According to the latest wellbeing analysis from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the Outer Hebrides is the happiest region to live in the UK. The survey assessed levels of anxiety in various areas in order to determine the overall population’s happiness. The Personal Well-being findings from the Annual Population Survey reveal that the islands […]

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Cost of living in London

Living in the UK, and London in particular, can be expensive. To help you work out your budget – and make sure you always have enough left for a pint at the end of the month – we’ve created list of approximate prices for some of your general expenses. All costs below are averages and […]

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Top 5 cheap eats in London

Everybody loves a bargain and with the high cost of living in London, it never hurts to save a few Pounds on nosh. If you’re looking for a tasty meal on the go, we’ve rounded up five of the most delicious – cheap – options in the city. Mac and cheese melt at Melt Room […]

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London is the international capital

With nearly 40% of Londoners born outside the UK, it’s no surprise that London is known as the international capital. In recent years, it has also displaced New York as “The Greatest City in the World”. Let’s take a look at this global city in more detail. Whether it’s with visitors who’re simply looking to […]

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The best apps for living in London

London can be overwhelming, even for the most experienced traveller or resident. From navigating public transport, finding the perfect cup of coffee, to deciding whether you’ll need your umbrella on your daily commute: If you have a smartphone, these apps have you covered. London Coffee Network If your day doesn’t start until you’ve had your […]

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Tips to deal with home sickness

You’re excited to start your new adventure, but even the most experienced travellers can suffer from home sickness. We share a few tips to help you manage the most common symptoms. Be a tourist Treat your first few weeks in the city as if you are there for a holiday. Visit the most popular sites […]

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Tips to deal with SAD in the UK

Seasonal affective disorder, commonly known as SAD, is a form of depression closely tied to seasonal variations in light. Affecting over half a million people per year, it is particularly common for those who have moved to the UK from sunnier climes. We look at a few ways to prevent or alleviate its symptoms. Add […]

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Tips for taking great holiday photos

Whether you’re already in full holiday mode or planning a magical Christmas in London, we’ve put together a few tips that will help you take great holiday photos and capture the holiday season perfectly for years to come. Shoot moments, not poses It’s tempting to run around family gatherings telling everyone to “look here” or […]

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7 South African blogs to remind you of home

While some people dream of a white Christmas, South Africans will be celebrating the festive season with beaches and braais. We’ve rounded up seven of our favourite South African blogs to bring you a piece of sunny South Africa during the London winter. Whether you’re from Jo’burg, Cape Town, Durban or somewhere in between, you’re […]

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Top 5 places to take your gap year

Have you just finished school? With no mortgage, full-time job, homework or studies to worry about, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever have more freedom than you do right now. It’s the perfect time to explore and adventure. We look at the top five places to take your gap year. Thailand  Thailand welcomes 16 million international […]

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Best New Year’s parties in the UK

It’s just over a month until arguably the biggest night of the year. New Year’s Eve brings with it thousands of options to welcome in 2016. We found the Best New Year’s parties in the UK – from diamonds and black-tie to tiki fancy-dress, ‘60s dress up and more – consider your New Year’s plans […]

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6 Australian blogs we love

There are few better ways to get to know a new country than by looking through the eyes of a local. We’ve scoured the web for the best Australian blogs to help you suss out this incredible country, get great recommendations and embrace its quirky culture.   Londoner in Sydney Created by Annabel Symonds, Londoner […]

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7 London blogs we love

New to London? We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite London blogs that will help you live like a local in no time. Whether you’re on the lookout for a new coffee shop or restaurant, upcoming events or somewhere to escape to for the weekend – we’ve got you covered.   Food Have you […]

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