Tips for taking great holiday photos

Whether you’re already in full holiday mode or planning a magical Christmas in London, we’ve put together a few tips that will help you take great holiday photos and capture the holiday season perfectly for years to come.


Shoot moments, not poses

It’s tempting to run around family gatherings telling everyone to “look here” or “say cheese”, but being subtle might help you capture more special moments.

Try a documentary-style approach to your holiday photography this year. Whether it’s candid laughter, unwrapping presents or sharing a drink, these memories might come to mean more in the future.

Avoid using flash at all costs

A flash can mean the difference between a clear photograph and a blurry mess. But, it can also result in overexposed, washed-out subjects and the dreaded red-eye. If you are struggling with low light, try to have your subject close to an open window or door to maximise natural light.

Before you resort to putting the flash on, turn on all lights and lamps. Alternately, look at investing in a lens designed for low-light photography.

Quantity and quality

The best way to take a good photograph is to take as many as possible. This is particularly relevant if you plan to take “official” holiday photographs of groups or family. Apart from ensuring that everyone is happy with it (i.e. no double chins or closed eyes), there are a few details you might only notice once you are processing the pictures. For example, a window frame sticking out in one corner or someone’s foot cut off.

Get in close

If your subject is smaller than a car, don’t be afraid to take a step or two closer, or zoom in. Fill the frame with your subject and focus on the smaller details. Whether it’s a portrait, bauble on a tree, or hands giving a gift, the finer details can be as telling as larger, contextual shots.

Most cameras can be about one meter away from a subject, before you run the risk of pictures becoming blurry.

Plan ahead

You’ve caught a heart-warming moment, the light is perfect, you turn on your camera – and the battery is dead. When you’re packing, make sure your battery is charged and put a spare into your luggage if you can.

Want to make sure you aren’t stuck deleting photographs to make space as you go? Copy all images from your memory card to an external hard drive and consider taking it with you, if you expect to take more photographs than your memory card can accommodate.

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