Celebrity Spotting Hotspots of London

For some people, when they have seen a celebrity, even spotted in the distance, the experience assumes almost celestial importance.

Usually, I think, “How silly.” But if the truth be known, it is a bit of a rush to see a celeb in the flesh. And I think the reason is that they, these glamorous personalities, assail us on a daily basis: wherever we look we see posters of them … pics on the internet, in magazines, on TV, over the radio so that, in the end, their presence becomes ubiquitous. Moreover, their images are magnified on the silver screen so as to make them appear gigantic, simply dwarfing us tiny humans as we sit gaping at them in awe.

Not surprisingly then that it’s kind of refreshing to see them having fish and chips somewhere, spilling vinegar on themselves and engaging in normal human behaviour such as squinting, scratching themselves or whatever.

So if you want to spot a few celebrities (and impress your friends at the dinner table) you should find the places they go to. But I do suggest you don’t walk up to them saying you’d like to hang out with them. Chances are they’ll tell you they’re busy, or they (ladies) will plead a head ache but the chances are they’ll simply tell you to get lost – in less polite language.

The Dorchester

The sofas and chairs or a seat at the bar will give you a nice vantage point. Bring money.

An obvious choice, you say. Sure, true, but it is a legendary shop and anybody’s who’s anybody will go there at some stage. Also, you might have to hang around for a year but your patience will be rewarded. Remember: act nonchalant, and don’t scream when you see someone famous. It’s a very discreet place. It’s the kind of place where you might be physically removed if you cough too loudly.

Brompton Oratory
A beautiful building and worth a visit but it’s a great area for shops, restaurants and bars – a regular high-end magnet for stars. Here is a list of some of them:

French Cuisine – 2 minutes’ walk from Brompton Oratory

Ciro’s Pizza Pomodoro
Italian Cuisine – 1 minute’s walk from Brompton Oratory

Lebanese food – 4 minutes’ walk from Brompton Oratory

9 Beauchamp Place, SW3 – 5 minutes’ walk from Brompton Oratory

Mediterranean café, bistro and deli – 5 minutes’ walk from Brompton Oratory

112 Draycott Avenue, SW3 – 6 minutes’ walk from Brompton Oratory

Laduree at Harrods
Famous French patisserie – 6 minutes’ walk from Brompton Oratory

Poissonnerie de l’Avenue
Fish restaurant – 7 minutes’ walk from Brompton Oratory

Very stylish Japanese restaurant – 9 minutes’ walk from Brompton Oratory

Get a table at this legendary restaurant in Covent Garden and you are very likely to find yourself in the company of show biz stars, and some big names in the music world.

The Ritz Hotel
Have tea at this famous landmark on Piccadilly and you are likely to be rubbing shoulders with the stars or, if not, then at least with some very rich people. Tea is not all that expensive but it is advised to book well in advance.

Funky Buddha Nightclub
This Mayfair club is practically a guarantee you’ll spot the rich, the famous, and the super trendy. Come with a partner. Bring money.

PAPER – Club
A reputation as one of London’s most high-profile celebrity clubs.

Other clubs to try:

Stringfellow’s, Pangaea, Groucho Club

The Most Expensive Gyms in London

Try the gyms in Knightsbridge, South Kensington, or Mayfair. The list of affluent suburbs is long. Make sure you’re in good shape though.

Other places:

  • Nobu
  • The Met Bar (after 9 pm they’ll throw you out as it’s reserved for members then)
  • Primrose Hill
  • Old Bond Street

To sum up, I’d like to quote two people who wrote somewhere (and apologies to them as I can’t recall where or who they are) in response to someone asking where he could spot celebs in London: “Walk into anywhere where you know you can’t afford it.” The other response was equally funny, I thought: “At the wax museum. Madam Tussaud’s.”