A step-by-step guide to shipping your baggage home

If you’re packing to go home but can’t seem to get your suitcase to close, 1st Contact Shipping can get your goods back safely. Whether you’re looking to avoid excess baggage fees, or would rather not have the hassle of travelling with everything but the kitchen sink, we provide the easiest way to transport your belongings internationally.


Step 1: Choose your method

You can choose between sea and airfreight, depending on your timeline, destination and budget. If you’re shipping your baggage to Europe, our road trailer service will have your items delivered in approximately 10 – 14 days.

Step 2: Get a quotation

Visit our website or give us a call and tell us where you are, where you want your goods to be delivered, your preferred date of pick-up as well as the approximate size of your parcel, and we’ll email you a quotation within minutes.

Sea and road freight charges are based on the overall volume of goods for shipment. To calculate this, multiply the length, breadth and height in feet, e.g. a suitcase measuring 3ft x 2.5ft x 2ft = 15 cubic feet.

Airfreight charges are based on the weight of your package, measured in kilograms. To calculate this, multiply the length, breadth and height in centimetres and divide by 6,000.

Step 3: Choose your size

Our standard cartons range from 1 to 11 cubic feet – small enough for a framed picture and large enough for a bicycle. As cartons are free, we advise that you order more than you think you need; this will help you to avoid an extra delivery fee if you run out. We can also construct ply cases to specific dimensions, to transport irregularly shaped or fragile items.


Step 4: Pay and prepare your parcel for collection

We offer a free next day delivery/collection service within Greater London,while parcels outside this area require 48 hours’ notice. Payment can be made in cash to the driver in London and by debit/credit card or cheque in all other areas.

Step 5: Track your parcel

Log in to monitor the location and status of your consignment. You’ll find shipment details including the vessel or flight transporting your items, container number or waybill number, estimated arrival date and contact details of a local representative.

Step 6: You’re reunited!

When your items arrive at the destination port or airport, our local agent will contact you to handle customs and quarantine formalities. Prepaid customers will arrange a suitable date for delivery kerbside.

Need help sending your goods back home? 1st Contact Shipping offers fast, safe and cheap international shipping to over 85 countries. Request your quote here.