Packing tips for an easy international move

Whether you’re heading back home or setting off on an adventure, moving can be a stressful experience. So that your excitement isn’t overwhelmed by logistics and admin, we’ve put together some tips to help make your packing experience as stress-free as possible.

Fragile boxes

1. Pack an overnight bag with all your essentials

No matter where you’re travelling/moving to, it helps having your necessities close by. Keep a change of clothes, toiletries and your laptop in your carry-on bag. Even if it’s a short trip, it will help to not have to dig through your luggage to freshen up when you arrive.

2. For extra padding, protect your glassware with clean socks

As part of our service we provide bubble wrap for packing, but you can never be too careful when protecting delicate items. Using existing items for protection will also save on overall packing space.

3. Labels are your friend

When packing, remember you’ll soon also be unpacking. Label your boxes so that you know what they contain and what room the contents belong to. This makes unpacking much easier when you arrive. Extra tip: Label the sides of the boxes, not the tops, so you will still be able to identify them when they’re stacked.

4. Pack plates vertically

If you’re moving everything but the kitchen sink, you might come across a few challenging items that need to be packed. When packing plates, stacking them vertically with bubble wrap in between can reduce breakages.

5. Bag it

Clear, plastic sandwich bags are your new best friend. Keep a stack on hand for everything from electronic cords to screws and fittings. To make reassembly easier, tape the sandwich bags to the backs of the items they belong to.

6. Guarantee a photographic memory

Computers and TVs often have a tangled mess of cabling hidden from view. Take a photograph of how your electronics are connected, and you’ll set up your devices like a pro when you unpack.

7. Colour code your boxes

To see which box needs to go where at a glance, pick a colour for each room and place a piece of tape on each box belonging to that room. When you arrive, stick a piece of corresponding coloured tape on the door of each room, so your movers know where to take each box.

8. Change your address at least two weeks before you move

When you contact your bank and utilities company to let them know you’re moving, don’t forget your smaller service providers – including magazine subscriptions and any online shopping sites.

9. Tape your mirrors

Use masking tape to place a large X on your mirrors and glass frames. It’s not guaranteed to stop them from breaking, but it will help absorb shock and keep the glass in its frame.

10. Keep a digital copy of all your important documents

While standing at a scanner for minutes on end hardly qualifies as “fun”, you’ll be grateful when you can’t remember where you put your last three months’ bank statements, or your P60 when it comes to tax return time. While you’re at it, you may as well make copies of your passport and payslips, too.

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