New Zealanders in UK Threatened By Visa Changes

Amidst pressure on the UK Government to find a solution to the high levels of unemployment, the tightening of visa rules for workers outside of the EU is threatening many New Zealanders’ rights to stay in Britain long-term.

Up until now, New Zealanders working in the UK have been able to apply for “settlement” after five years, allowing them to confidently settle into careers, marry and have children.

Consultation on Proposals Closed

This reality seems highly likely to change, as the British government has just closed consultation on proposals to end automatic settlement and tighten the laws.

More than 12 000 submissions were received from, amongst others, UK business groups concerned about training and investing in foreign talent if the workers can’t stay for long periods, as well as from New Zealand expats who fear having to uproot their families and move back to New Zealand.

“It’s really hard to see how this change of regulations is going to really benefit the UK economy,” said Stephen Dee, the UK regional manager of KEA, a New Zealand expatriate network.

April Visa Cap

Changes in April saw the worldwide cap on non-EU immigrants set at 20 700 a year, and introduced a point system, with criteria including age, qualifications and earnings.

Exceptions were made for high earners (over 150,000), those who fill a skills gap, intra-company transfers and those with “exceptional talent”.

“Explore all Possible Routes”

“The changes currently under review would still allow New Zealanders into Britain on two-year working holidays, or via the ancestry route,” says Robyn Cory of 1st Contact Visas.  “Outside those categories, a work visa would be hard to come by and most “Tier 2” visa holders would have to return home after five years.”

“But it shouldn’t stop people from trying – they should explore all possible routes,” says Cory. “Some people are unaware that they qualify for an ancestry visa – in some cases, people can be British citizens and not know it! I would suggest speaking to a knowledgeable visa consultant to ascertain the best route. If you are a Kiwi already in the UK on a working visa and wondering how the changes might affect you, speak to a consultant who understand all the new rules and can best advise you.”

If you might be affected by recent and proposed changes to UK visa rules, visit or call 0808 141 2290 to speak to a friendly and experienced visa consultant.

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  • Ronit


    I am on Tier1 visa and my visa is expiring in March 2012 (I will be eligible for ILR after this date). I am getting married in Dec 2011 and would need to apply for my visa on a Tier 1 dependent visa. Do you know how long the visa will be valid for her?

    If in case, Can I apply along with my application in March as a dependent in the same ILR application? or should I ask her to apply after I get my ILR stamping and send all the documents for her to apply on her own from India(she has never been to UK before) .

    Any advice is highly appreciated and I was wondering the new settlement rules would make an impact on my case.