Skilled Migrants Dominating UK Job Market Despite Immigration Clamp Down

Recently published reports across various UK media have indicated that regardless of the UK government’s attempt to tighten immigration legislation, together with the announcement of more stringent restrictions placed on the UK Shortage Occupation list, skilled migrants in the UK have taken up a larger percentage of new jobs, in the UK, than British citizens.

According to a study released by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), it has been indicated that although migration is set to be decreasing during the economic recession, the likelihood of it increasing once the economy improves is high. This report has confirmed that between a quarter and a third of jobs held by highly skilled migrants have taken shape through intra-company transfers. Figures have been established, indicating that 130 jobs a day are being taken by skilled migrants, through intra-company transfers, therefore disallowing the job vacancies to be advertised to UK citizens.

The report warns that historically migrant communities are usually the first to be adversely affected during an economic recession and in the same vein are the most needed when economic conditions improve.

An article in the Telegraph quotes OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria “In these challenging times, policymakers should address labor market integration of immigrants as a matter of priority. Migration is not a tap that can be turned on and off at will”.

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