Settle in UK in 2 Years – if You Invest £10 million

New UK visa rules will reward those who contribute to the economic growth with accelerated settlement. Compared to the previous 5-year rule, those investing £10 million in the UK economy may settle after 2 years, while those investing £5 million and/or creating at least 10 jobs may do so after 3.

UK “Open For Business”

“Today I have sent out a clear message – the UK remains open for business and we want those who have the most to offer to come and settle here,” Immigration Minister Damian Green said.

“Last year we issued far too few visas to those who wish to set up a business or invest in the UK – I intend to change that.”

  • The standard £200 00 investment to qualify for a Tier 1 (entrepreneur) Visa will remain.
  • The new right to accelerated settlement law applies to those already in the country as well as to new arrivals.
  • Entrepreneurs will also be able to move more freely; they can now spend up to 180 days per year out of the UK, compared to 90 days previously.
  • High-potential businesses will be allowed to come to the UK if they have £50 000 in funding from:
    • an FSA registered Venture Capital firm;
    • a UK Government Department;
    • or an entrepreneurial seeding competition recognised by UK Trade and Investment.

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