Senior MPs Issue Warning Against UK Overpopulation

Conservative MP Nicholas Soames and Labour MP Frank Field have put aside their differences to issue a joint public warning against UK overpopulation. According to them, the UK population will reach 70 million within the next 15 years unless the government takes drastic measures to curb the inflow of migrants.

Net immigration last year was close to 240 000, an increase of 20% since 2009. The warning urges the government to take voters’ concerns into consideration and bring this figure down to a maximum of 50 000 a year in order to keep the UK population from hitting 70 million by 2027.

“To its credit the Government is currently consulting on such a change. But with a powerful pro-immigration lobby, it is crucial that ministers are again reminded of the strength of voters’ views. If immigration is allowed to continue at its current level, about 200 homes will need to be built every day of the week for the next 23 years, and that is just to house those coming into this country,” the statement said. .

The MPs also directly attribute the current strains on the education and public health systems to the immigration figures and warn that housing and other resources are also inadequate to cater to the rising population.

Not everyone shares these views however. Some argue that fears of overpopulation are overplayed by politicians looking to score votes, and hide deeper-lying causes of social problems.

A comparison with other nations show the United Kingdom ranked 53rd among 251 sovereign territories. Those who disagree with the anti-immigration viewpoints of conservatives also point out that a well-managed immigration system allows for the importation of critical skills and the development of the UK economy.