Making It Big Down Under

If you’re seriously considering moving to Australia, look at the list below to see if you have what it takes to have a lucrative career and enjoy a fruitful and fulfilling life in this country.

Australia has – since as early as 1945 – been an extremely popular destination for young professionals seeking greener pastures. In fact in the last 65 years more than six million people have left the country of their birth and made Australia home!

The low crime rate, fantastic climate, massive coastline and friendly inhabitants (not to mention all that space) make for a very good life.

But just what does it take to make it big down under?

  1. SPF 50

Australia is a sunny continent and its people spend most of their leisure time outdoors. If you love the sea and the sunshine, you won’t find more of either than in Australia! When you’re not working, you’ll enjoy a lifestyle of watersports, barbeques and plenty of relaxing. And also, plenty of beer. You don’t necessarily have to love beer yourself to fit in, but you will have to grow a fondness for beer lovers because almost everyone in Australia drinks beer! It’s a fun, friendly and social place and because it’s made up of locals and immigrants from all over the world, you’re bound to feel welcome, whoever you are.

  1. Visa: a four letter word

Australia has a notoriously complicated visa process, which can continue long after you’re in the country. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIaC) has strict controls in place, which regulate the amount of people entering the country each year.  There are hundreds of different visas and dozens of visa categories. However, we can summarize the common visa types into three groups of visas: 1. Skilled Migration –based on your skills, particularly your qualifications and work experience and the current demand for such skills in the Australian work force.  2. Employer Sponsored Migration – This is based on an Australian employer deciding they require your specific expertise to fill a position. 3. Family Migration – This allows you to migrate to Australia as the partner or family member of another Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Do you qualify for entry? Let 1st Contact Visa assess your eligibility. If you have all the right criteria in place, they can do all the behind the scenes work and apply for a suitable visa on your behalf. Go to for more information or to speak to a consultant.

  1. Do you have skills?

The Skills Shortage List and Migrants Occupation in Demand List are being reviewed and will be replaced sometime this year with the Skilled Occupations List. In general, opportunities still abound in the engineering, medical IT industries. Make sure your skills are in demand and then be sure to format your CV correctly for the Australian marketplace.  Check for more information on which skills are needed in Oz.

  1. A place to call home

Once you’ve established that Australia is somewhere you really want to live, you’ve let a 1st Contact Visas consultant affirm that you could qualify for a visa and you’re pretty sure they’ll want your skills down under, the next step is to decide exactly where in Australia you want to be. Most people moving to Australia choose to settle in one of the main cities: Perth in Western Australia; Adelaide in South Australia, Brisbane in Queensland, Melbourne in Victoria or Sydney in New South Wales. Do a little research to see which of these cities would best suit your lifestyle and career expectations and get in touch with friends and family who have made the move and ask for their opinions on the different Australian cities.

  1. Somebody to lean on

If you’re serious about moving to Australia, don’t try to go it alone! You might drown in a sea of paperwork, phone calls and red tape! Australian immigration experts 1st Contact have offices in Australia and have an excellent track record for getting their clients organised, moved and settled. From visas to bank accounts to practical information about the country, 1st Contact has all the experience and know-how needed to get you started, including a unique Kickstart package, which is like a survival kit for anyone moving to Australia. If you have any friends or family in Australia, be sure to look them up prior to your move and check whether they can accommodate you while you job hunt or find a home of your own. You’ll also be amazed at how much advice and assistance the locals are willing to give you!

Deciding to move to another country is a big decision. If it feels like the right decision for you, it probably is!