Immigration Scams Rise during Economic Uncertainty

The current stresses and strains governed by an uncertain and erratic economic climate in the UK have created room for many illegal and less established immigration companies to take advantage of the market’s vulnerabilities. With the UK immigration market ripening due to many individuals choosing to canvass various immigration options, according to expert immigration group, 1st Contact, it is crucial for individuals to be able to distinguish between quality immigration agents and chancers.

1st Contact states that during these uncertain times, most individuals are susceptible to falling victim to immigration scams in a desperate attempt to cut costs.

Expert 1st Contact immigration consultant Stephen Atkinson says “whilst it can be very tempting for individuals to opt for cheaper immigration services, we urge them to consider the real cost of losing their money to unregulated immigration agents, who are unable to deliver on their propositions”.

1st Contact offers the following advisory tips to enable you to safe guard against opportunistic immigration scams:

1. Only engage with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) registered agents. Although this is merely a registration authority for Australian based immigration agents, 1st Contact’s Australian, UK and South African offices hold this accreditation. 1st Contact is also registered with OISC (the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) and employs several MARA and OISC registered consultants and caseworkers. 1st Contact’s global presence enables us to keep abreast of the latest governmental and legislative changes, with our team of immigration experts holding country specific knowledge and experience. This, together with our relationship with the relevant immigration authorities, enables us to manage your immigration process smoothly and efficiently.

2. Reputable and well established firms should be top of your list, when choosing an immigration agent to represent you. Company’s who have been around for over a decade such as 1st Contact, have established relationships with the relevant governmental authorities as well as a strong financial backbone, ensuring that you receive an optimal return for your investment in the immigration process.

3. Be very weary of companies asking for a 100% upfront payment for their services regardless of whether your visa application gets denied. 1st Contact Visas offer a flexible payment scheme for your convenience. If, for what ever reason your Visa application gets denied, 1st Contact will refund you 100% of your Visa fee (some conditions apply).

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