Illegal Worker Crackdown at Southall Supermarket

The UKBA website announced last week that 25 illegal workers were arrested during a crackdown operation on the Asian-owned ‘Quality Foods Supermarket’ on South Road in Southall, West London.
Police did checks on all the supermarket’s staff members and arrested 23 Indians, 1 Pakistani and a Ghanaian.

  • 15 staff members were working in breach of their immigration conditions
  • 4 had overstayed their visas
  • 6 had entered the UK illegally

The supermarket owner received a penalty notice, and could face hefty fines of up to £10 000 per illegal employee, unless he is able to prove that he took the necessary steps and performed all the correct right-to-work checks before offering them employment.

According to Jennifer Money, head of the UKBA Ealing team, businesses have a legal responsibility to make sure that all their employees have the right to work in the UK.

Money also sent out a stern warning that more such raids are planned and that civil penalties will be issued to business owners not complying with immigration law.

The UKBA website offers advice for employers on the preventing illegal working section of their website and through their employers helpline on 0300 123 4699.