Divorce Abroad – How Will You Cope?

Moving to a new country can either make a marriage stronger or make it take a turn for the worse. 1st Contact hears from expert, Nicola Baume, and www.simpledivorceadvice.com.

Nicola Baume - www.simpledivorceadvice.com

Finding yourself in a divorce situation, as an expat, can be daunting. You may not have any emotional support system in place, you find you are under another country’s laws and you may have no idea how to get yourself sorted out legally.

The first thing to do is not panic. You have to be logical and go about things in a smart way.

Put your feelings aside and decide on the course of action that will make the most sense for you and your family.

If you want to stay in the country, here are a few things to think about:

  • Is your visa the right one for allowing you to stay in the country as a single entity?
  • Do you have a suitable income to support you?
  • Can you get accommodation on your visa?
  • Can you afford the legal ramifications of a divorce on top of your other living expenses?
  • Have you a support system?

If you are planning on moving back home:

  • Have you a place to go?
  • Do you have airplane tickets?
  • Is your house being rented out and how long will it take for the tenants to vacate?
  • Will your ex allow you to move to the family home?
  • Is your divorce to take place in the UK or your home country?
  • Do you need a UK lawyer?
  • Do you have the funds for a lawyer?
  • Do you have the legal right to take any children from the country?
  • Do you need a moving company?
  • How will your children cope?
  • How will you support yourself?

Being as prepared as possible will help you emotionally and financially no matter if your decision is to stay in the UK or leave and return home.

Divorce is an extremely emotional time yet thinking, reacting and making decisions emotionally is not what is needed. At this time, try to think things through logically so that you will be able to set yourself and your family up to move on with the least difficulty.

Nicola Baume is a divorce planner and coach helping people get through marriage breakdown so they can move on into their happily ever after with confidence. You can read more about Nicola at her website http://www.baumeandco.com.au or subscribe to her blog http://www.simpledivorceadvice.com

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